How We Work

1.We don’t charge a fee

American Online Survey doesn’t ask you to pay to take up its surveys. The site is absolutely free as we are aided by advertisers who use your opinions to analyze market trends, revamp brands, and create new products/ services.

2.Your consent will be asked for

Once you register with us, your consent will be asked to send ads through all mediums like text, calls, e-mails, etc.

3.Marketers will reach out to you

Note that marketers might reach out to you via phone, e-mails, text messages, etc if you have signed up for receiving ads based on your data. You can opt-out any time if you are not okay with the same.

4.Clicking Ads from Third Party Vendors

We advise you to be cautious while clicking ads from third-party vendors on our website. Also, make it a point to fully understand the site’s policy before you input any data.

5.Know Your Odds of Winning

American Online Survey prepares questionnaires and conducts surveys to collect user data that will help in building brands. Your chances of winning might rely on various factors that change from time to time. Hence, we don’t offer any assurance that you’ll be the winner.

Things to Remember

Once again, we’d like to clarify that marketers from various fields such as car insurance, health insurance, home security, investments and mutual funds, mortgage, automobile loans, solar rebate, eateries, etc will reach out to you via e-mail, phone, or text messages once you’ve given your consent.

On clicking ads from these third-party marketers, you’ll be redirected to their intended sites. American Online Survey will hold no responsibility for actions on their sites. We don’t assess the content posted by third parties on our website, and hence, recommend you to understand the third-party site’s terms and privacy policies before proceeding.